About Jazzpower

Whether a new or an existing customer we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Jazzpower Catering Supplies.
For the past 25 years we have specialised in kitchen hygiene, housekeeping chemicals, sundry items and catering equipment.  Jazzpower’s aim is to supply a range of products tailored to meet your requirements.  We will not supply contract chemicals, under sized paper products or poor quality equipment, believing these items only afford false economy and increased workloads for you and your staff.
Whether looking for a single piece of equipment or re-fitting an existing one, we offer impartial advice backed up with CAD drawings from experienced consultants.  Our showroom displays equipment from leading manufacturers such as Foster Refrigeration, Hobart Ware washing, Blue Seal and Lincat.
Jazzpower have our own range of kitchen hygiene chemicals resulting in excellent quality at an economical cost.  To compliment this we offer a full range of kitchen and housekeeping chemicals from brand name manufacturers.
In a market place full of inferior products, hidden delivery charges and a general air of suppliers trying to make a ‘quick buck’, Jazzpower pride ourselves on supplying quality products at a realistic price with excellent helpful service
Jazzpower is part of the INSTOCK Group of companies with depots covering all of Scotland and the North of England.
Contact us today, see how we can help you find the right solutions at the right price.